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Bulk Flow Measurement

Our Bulk Flow Meters are based on the radiometric principle, are highly robust and can be operated in the most demanding and hostile of process conditions. The Bulk Flow measurementis not affected by dust, vibrations, extreme temperatures, ornon-corrosive atmospheres.

Our belt weighers are applicable on a wide range of mechanical conveying systems such as belt conveyors, screw conveyors, chain conveyors and vibrating conveyors. Bulk flow measurement on conveyors can be used to monitor the mass flow of pneumatically conveyed or free-falling materials. They are easy to install on existing systems and provide a consistent and maintenance-free operation.

Belt Weigher SystemLB 442:

The bulk flow system is used for the precise determination of mass flow in the bulk industry. The non-contacting, non-intrusive radiometric belt weigher is characterized by a first-rate accuracy and stability. The LB 442 contains no moving parts and is very robust. Maintenance is not necessary for Belt Weigher SystemLB 442.


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