Two Million Feet of Automated Directional Drilling Completed by Motive Drilling Technologies

9 February 2017

Motive Drilling Technologies, the rapidly growing directional drilling decision-automation company, today announced that they have now guided over 2 Million feet using their directional drilling Bit Guidance System.

 Automated decision-making has been used in recent years for making medical decisions, for playing games (such as Jeopardy, chess, poker, or the ancient game of Go), for automatically piloting cars and planes, for manufacturing, shipping, and for much more. Motive has applied the automated decision-making thinking to the Guidance system’s development, and subsequently to the drilling of over 2 million feet of horizontal and extended reach wells for over a dozen oil and gas companies across North America. One theme that exists across each of these domains using automated decision-making is the hurdle for acceptance that a machine can make decisions faster and more reliably than humans.

"Truthfully there was doubt on the part of some of our technical team during our early relationship with the Motive team,” stated Ken Topolinsky, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Applied Technology for Hunt Oil Company. “Over a short time though that skepticism gave way to confidence that the platform truly does improve the directional drilling process by navigating the optimal path and is therefore an important contributor to our improved performance. The graphical drillers' panel interface conveys the state of operations and directional control in a way that speaks clearly to our team of drilling engineers, rig-site personnel and geoscientists to improve confidence that lateral sections are being steered within planned windows. We are pleased to have partnered with the Motive team in the early development of the product and have now adopted it as an integral part of our DD kit."

With Motive, the Directional drilling decisions are driven by algorithms that leverage data analytics, real time drilling dynamics and economic modeling. The system delivers turn-by-turn downhole bit navigation guidance, continuously balancing drilling costs with production impact. The system takes out the human component that is responsible for much of the inconsistent performance seen in the field today.

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About Motive Drilling Technologies:

Motive Drilling Technologies was formed to better address drilling challenges presented in horizontal drilling for unconventional resource plays. Motive’s Bit Guidance System provides turn-by-turn instructions for optimized directional drilling of horizontal wells using automated decision-making. The Motive Bit Guidance System has been issued 14 US patents with 12 more US patents pending for different components of the system.


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