OMRON Introduces to World Sixth Wave of Control Panel Equipment for Factory Automation Built on Common Design Platform

3 October 2019

KYOTO, Japan, Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OMRON Corporation (hereafter called OMRON), based in Kyoto, Japan, introduced to the world on October 1, 2019, the sixth wave of factory automation (FA) control devices built on a common design platform for unified product specifications, pushing for further innovation in control panel building. The products are the following 237 models in six categories: J7KC, J7TC, J7MC, J7KCA and J7KCR series Low Voltage Switching Gears, S8V-CP series DC Electronic Circuit Protectors and PTF-XX-PU series Sockets with Push-In Plus technology.

Since releasing the first wave of FA control devices in April 2016, OMRON has expanded the product lineup built on the common platform to 17,250 models in 53 categories, which represent the largest single-company total in the industry (*). The lineup covers almost all categories of control panel equipment ranging from control circuit devices such as Machine Automation Controllers and Timers to main circuit devices such as Low Voltage Switching Gears, which react to large currents. The addition of the new categories enables users to make more product combinations with common values, contributing to further efficiency in control panel production.

To contribute to reduction of workload and space saving in control panel production OMRON has been innovating in the manufacturing of control panels, the heart of machines and equipment by offering a wide range of products. OMRON unified the design and size of control panel equipment and introduced products which are built with the company's proprietary wiring method, "Terminal block with Push-In Plus technology" for device and control panel makers in need of "downsizing and space-saving" of control panel equipment and control panels, "lead time reduction" and "response to globalization." The products have been adopted on the front line of manufacturing by more than 15,000 global companies and produced the following effects.

  • A manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment reduced the control panel size by approximately 30% and the wiring lead time by half.
  • A manufacturer of food production equipment reduced the control panel size by approximately 40% and improved the ease of cleaning the equipment.

Photo: An overwhelming lineup of control panel equipment that promise innovative manufacturing

(*) Largest in the industry: As for categories of control panel equipment. Based on OMRON's investigation in September 2019.

OMRON set forth a strategic concept called "innovative-Automation" consisting of three innovations or "i's"--"integrated" (control evolution), "intelligent" (development of intelligence by ICT), and "interactive" (new harmonization between people and machines). OMRON is now committed to bringing innovation to manufacturing sites by materializing this concept. With a wide range of FA devices built on the unified design platform, OMRON will continue to work with manufacturers for the innovation of manufacturing by meeting a variety of challenges in manufacturing control panels.

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