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Saturday, Jan 16, 2016

New exhibition focuses on Cape logistics sector

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Event organising company Exhibition Management Services (EMS) will launch two logistics-oriented exhibitions, Cape Logistics an exhibition for equipment, procedures, systems and services in the warehousing, distribution and material handling sectors and Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution Africa (TCSD), which will be co-located with the Cape Industries Showcase.

The Cape Industries Showcase will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CICC) from July 13 to 15 and, besides Cape Logistics and TCSD, the showcase will also feature the Oil & Gas Africa 2016, Maritime & Offshore Marine Africa and Empowertec Cape co-located events.

EMS MD John Thomson says the five events caters for industries relevant to the Western Cape, such as maritime and warehousing, as well as oil and gas, and there are plans to convert the Western Cape into a supply and service hotspot.

In addition, he says the maritime industry is also important for the province, owing to the location and size of the Cape Town harbour.

Further, six of South Africa’s eight major marine ports are situated in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape, thereby reinforcing the regions’ importance for the logistics sector.

From January to December 2014, these provinces jointly handled 7.6-million tons of bulk cargo, 3.9-million tons of break bulk and 1.8-million containers.

Events such as Cape Logistics and TCSD are necessary, with Thomson pointing out that  “. . . there has not been a mainstream materials handling and logistics exhibition in South Africa for many years”, adding that EMS consulted with various industry roleplayers, who expressed significant interested in a new industry-oriented exhibition.

“There have been many advancements in the industry, especially in terms of warehousing and its associated solutions, including aspects such as computer software to physical assets and help control stock,” says Thomson.

Further, another interesting aspect is the recent concerted efforts to increase the throughput of Cape Town harbour, as “. . . ships need to be unloaded and loaded faster, stock needs to be accounted for quicker, all of which requires a much more efficient logistics system and infrastructure”, he adds.


The Cape Logistics exhibition aims to cater for logistics equipment producers, systems and services in the warehousing distribution and materials handling sectors.

Further, Cape Logistics is also aimed at industry personnel, such as managers in finance; the logistics supply chain; information and communication; logistics and distribution; storage, warehousing and materials handling; production and procurement; cargo planning and compliance; commercial supply managers; and other interested and affected industry professionals, academics and business developers.

TCSD will showcase various industry roleplayers and provide workshops on topical matters. Thomson notes that TCSD is of upmost relevance currently because post-harvest losses in Africa can sometimes increase up to 40%, owing to insufficient or lack of adequate cold chain infrastructure, which is required to preserve harvested crops.

Capacity along the cold chain is also vital for South Africa’s valuable fruit, fish and meat exports, most of which are shipped out from Cape Town, he says, adding that the city is a really important entry and exit point in terms of the cold-supply chain.

To reinforce the link between Cape Logistics and TCSD, the South African Refrigerated Distribution Association will hold a workshop on significant developments in refrigerated warehousing and logistics at the TCSD exhibition.

Meanwhile, the Cape Logistics exhibition will feature materials handling operational equipment and solutions; loading technology equipment and solutions; warehousing, operational equipment and management solutions; storage technology and solutions; automation, automatic identification, data capturing and radio-frequency identification solutions; and logistics, and transport equipment services and solutions.

Thomson says about 4 000 visitors are expected at the Cape Industries Showcase.

In terms of foreign interest and potential local investment, he notes that many overseas companies are regarding Africa as an interesting market because some overseas markets are currently stagnant or those companies might have reached market saturation.

“A lot of EMS’s other exhibitions have received great interest from international roleplayers, owing to their interest in expanding into new regions and previously untapped markets,” he concludes.


Source name: Saki Magoxo
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Company name: Exhibition Management Services