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Led And Lighting Exhibition Is Ready To Meet The Needs Of The Entire Electricity Industry In 2016

Monday, May 02, 2016

The indisputable leading event in the LED, Lighting and Interior Electrical Installation industries in Turkey, Led and Lighting Exhibition continues its growth this year as it did in the previous years.

One of the top-ranking exhibitions in the country in terms of attendance ratio continuing in the succeeding years, the 12th Led and Lighting Exhibition will continue to take place simultaneously with the Electronist and ELEX Exhibitions which are complementary industries thereof in 2016 and will take place in 3 halls which are the 9th, 10th and 11th halls.

Expanding its product and service spectrum to cover all interior installation products consisting of equipment such as sockets, electric cables, fuses, etc. used for distribution of power received inside the building from the wall box to lighting in addition to LED products, Led and Lighting Exhibition will continue to be a platform where visitors and exhibitors can find answers to all the questions they might have in 2016.

With this expansion in the product range, Marmara Fair Organization enlarges its industry goals for the Led and Lighting Exhibition and aims to turn the event into an organization which all LED and electric companies are a part of, instead of one which only top level LED companies attend.

Led and Lighting Exhibition is preparing for the new exhibition year with a concept that embraces the entire electricity industry with its renewed product and service variety. Marmara Fair Organization has begun working for the 12th International Led and Lighting Exhibition of 2016 without making a distinction between homeland and abroad and has completed most of its collaboration agreements with respective foundations, industry-specific publications and similar exhibitions abroad as less than 6 months remain for the event.

Intense marketing activities are carried out in the United States, Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, China, Indonesia, India, UK, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan and Amman. Conducting its promotional works in collaboration with many sectoral magazines, publications, portals and web sites, the Led and Lighting Exhibition is announced across the world and international exhibitor and visitor works are organized pursuant to the demands received after the above mentioned works.

Maintaining its activities on site in addition to these agreements, Marmara Fair Organization team takes the necessary steps to build relations with stakeholders and to develop projects by taking part in gatherings where industry-specific meetings are held in the country and abroad such as exhibitions, conventions, symposiums and seminars. Having attended LED Expo 2016, which took place recently in the Bangkok city of Thailand, our project team has conducted promotional works for the 12th International Led and Lighting Exhibition in the Far East, which holds a significant position in the LED and Lighting industry.

These site works allow close follow-up of the latest developments in the global industry while drawing attention to the Turkish market.

Taking decisive steps on the way to continue to be an organization which the exhibitors and visitors conclude with a smile on their face in 2016, Led and Lighting Exhibition will take place in Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) on October 6th - 9th, 2016!

Aysu Ceren Özayd?n

Corporate Communication and Marketing Specialist
Marmara Fair Organization
(+90)212 503 32 32 /


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