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Fortrans Inc announces new pH Control System usage under Carbon Dioxide (C02) and Innovative Gas Injectors

Friday, Feb 13, 2015

Fortrans Inc. Wendell, NC announces their new line of carbon dioxide (C02) based pH control systems featuring the non-fouling high efficiency Dif-Jet™ gas injector.

The technology combines patented gas injectors that transfer C02 into water to produce carbonic acid. The injectors have 90% plus efficiency and are installed on distribution and flow designs for easy control and mixing. Side stream injection is also offered.

Fortrans offers self-contained complete package pH control systems installed in weather proof panels and systems with integral treatment tanks. The newest design is the external manifold systems to treat very high flows in a pipeline, large tanks or treatment ponds. The systems are basically plug and play. The owner typically needs to provide electric service and a supply of C02 in large low pressure tanks or high pressure cylinders.

External manifolds with Dif-Jet™ gas injectors inject C02 directly into the circulating wastewater to lower pH in a tank or a flowing pipe.  The gas injectors do not foul or produce back pressure over time. Their patented design keeps the gas transfer zone clean and efficient. No diffuser cleaning is required. The gas injectors will last indefinitely.

All of the pH control systems automatically lower the pH and provide circulation to the water being treated for high operational efficiency. The manifolds and package systems are powered by either submersible pumps or dry pit type submersible pumps with sufficient capacity (GPM) to provide mixing and circulation of the treated water.

The systems are controlled with a PLC programmed to feed the C02 at a certain trip point and automatically cut off C02 feed once target pH is achieved. Subsequently the system would maintain target pH by setting a tight range between trip point and target point. Controls are installed in a heated panel for all weather operation.



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