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Financial Modelling for Energy Industry

Friday, Dec 18, 2015

Today, Financial Modelling is uniquely challenging. Even the most carefully structured deals can face difficulties in attracting sufficient funding from international and local investors. More than ever, project developers, equipment suppliers, bankers and other credit agencies and investors must be properly equipped to analyse and explain the risks and prospects for a project’s future performance.

Therefore, this course is designed to help delegates build a financial model to best practice standards for project finance. The general logic and overall approach will be demonstrated; then you will step through developing a model: handling inputs, building detailed calculations and creating final outputs. You will then learn how to sensitise the model to understand how changes in assumptions affect the business results and viability.

Over 4 intensive days, you will learn modelling techniques from a highly experience expert in the field, and you will develop a framework for recognising and analysing qualitative and quantitative risks. You will also understand how Excel models are used to assess debt capacity, cover ratios, NPV, investment returns and other metrics common to attractive deals.

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Course Highlights
•    Best practice in energy financial modelling
•    Essential model lay-outs and rules
•    Build integrated models that link cash flow, income statement and balance sheet seamlessly
•    Build cash flow cascades to forecast debt capacity and investor returns
•    Easy ways to model tax and inflation
•    Mitigate project risks

Key Learning Objectives
•    EXAMINE structuring and best practice in financial modelling
•    LEARN how to build models to accommodate change
•    EVALUATE funding structures and cash flow waterfalls that fit your commercial model
•    DEVELOP an integrated modelling approach with balance sheets and P&L statements
•    ANALYSE using the outputs of the model – ratios, sensitivity analysis, scenarios to make effective decisions
•    UNDERSTAND key risks and learn the mechanisms for risk mitigation
•    APPLY knowledge in interactive and realistic case study to highlight what leads to success, and what leads to failure!

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