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“China Manufacturing 2025” Brings New Development Opportunity for Remanufacturing

Friday, Mar 18, 2016

6th China Remanufacturing Summit and 3R China Expo 2016
May 24th -26th , 2016

The green manufacturing philosophy has become global consensus with the increasing restrictions on energy, resources, and the environment.

It is reported that manufacturing is the biggest consumer of resources and source of environmental pollution around the world. It produces about 5.5 billion tons of harmless waste and 0.7 billion tons of hazardous waste, accounting for over 70% of the world's total pollutants. However, remanufacturing can maximize the development and utilization value of waste from electromechanical products, and it is the first choice for resource conservation and environmental protection.

The remanufacturing industry in China has been developed over the past ten years, covering a series of industry sectors including automotive, engineering machinery, electronic products, medical devices, and electronics technology. Continuous support by government policies provides a very bright development environment for the remanufacturing industry. In May 2015, the Chinese State Council formally issued the “China Manufacturing 2025” Plan, in which the reman industry will make great efforts to propel the reman products’ affirmation, promoting rapid and sound development through high-end reman, artificial intelligence reman, and on-service reman. At the same time, the “13th Five Year Plan” will help put reman into the future development plan according to the ”China Manufacturing 2025” program.

Under the background of many new policies, the 6th China Remanufacturing Summit and 3R China Expo 2016, directed by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), will invite speakers from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and more, to interpret the core contexts of “China Manufacturing 2025” as well as other policies related to reman.

Compared with nearly 70 years’ development of the reman industry in Europe and North America, the reman industry in the Asia-Pacific region is still in its beginning stages. Except for the lack of reman awareness and recognition, import and export and core parts collection are two key problems affecting reman development.

At present, the import of end-of-life auto parts and electronic products still has many restrictions impacting and limiting a product’s maximum usage. Thankfully, the process of customs pilot programs regarding reman products is now underway. On November 25th, ?The Linkage Development Plan of Accelerating China (Shanghai) Free Trade Area and Shanghai Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area? was issued on the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Government. The plan proposes ten key innovation pilot programs, one of which is to explore and develop a reman pilot for high-end equipment import. This good news paves the way for further reform of reman products, like the import of intact used engines. Therefore, the 6th China Remanufacturing Summit and 3R China Expo 2016 will invite representatives from China’s customs and relevant import and export enterprises to interpret the latest import and export policies as well as practical operation schemes. In addition, many top managers of leading international reman companies will discuss how to recycle cores reasonably, and how to build an effective reverse logistics system through aftermarket channels. Furthermore, the summit will focus on the reman market of the automotive and engineering machinery fields and present promotion models for reman business as well as business strategy for the automotive aftermarket.

The summit will be launched together with the 2016 China Remanufacturing, Refurbishing and Equipment Remarketing Exhibition. During the three-day summit, attendees will learn about the latest industry information and have the opportunity to visit and see the latest advanced reman technology, and discuss business experiences and future market trends with leaders in the China reman market. In addition, each visitor will receive a free invitation letter to the “2016 China Remanufacturing, Refurbishing and Equipment Remarketing Exhibition” and receive a gift on site.

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