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6th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit

Saturday, Nov 21, 2015

ACI’s 6th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit will explore commercial aspects of US CO2 re-use applications in several industries such as fuel, chemicals, oil & gas, power & cultivation. The conference will evaluate potential benefits and challenges of investments in carbon dioxide utilisation, as well as the political policy in place to ensure efficient scale of emission reductions are being achieved.

Start:24th February 2016
End:25th February 2016

EXCLUSIVE SITE VISIT:  Primus Green Energy Plant
Hillsborough, New Jersey, USA. Tuesday 23rd February 2016

During the afternoon of Tuesday 23rd February 2016, a limited number of conference attendees will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive site visit to Primus Green Energy. There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis. Please register your attendance for the site visit when booking for the conference.

Key Topics

    Building the CDU (CO2 Utilization) Value Chain
    Scale Of CO2 Utilization
    The Use Of CO2 In Gas Turbines
    CO2 Utilization Developments in EOR
    From R&D to Commercialization
    Utilizing Coal Fired Flue Gas: Overcoming Challenges
    Advances In CO2 Mineralization
    CO2 Fuels & Chemicals: Conversion & Products

Confirmed Speakers

- Bruce Dannenberg, Phytonix Corporation
- Laura Nereng, 3M
- Sean Monkman, Carbon Cure
- Bala Suresh, IHS Chemical
- Brent R Constanz, Blue Planet Ltd
- Sam Rushing, Advanced Cryogenics
- John M Kocol, CO2 2 Methanol
- Brent Lakeman, Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures
- SonaKazemi, Mantra Energy Alternatives
- SayavurBakhtiyarov, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology

More Information & Registration:

Name:Rohan Baryah – Marketing/Sales
+ 48 (0)61 646 7022

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