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Assured Automation announces New Rugged Body Multi Purpose Flow Meter

Monday, Feb 16, 2015

The MPFM Series flow meter by Assured Automation is a general purpose, in-line turbine flow meter that is ideal for measuring the flow of water, detergents, DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) and other low viscosity liquids.

The MPFM Flow meter is extremely user friendly, offering a simple 2 button interface with large ½"display digits, displaying units in gallons, pints, quarts or liters. Improved accuracy is achieved with this meter as it can be field calibrated.

This versatile flow meter has a resettable batch total, flow rate and also offers a lifetime total with a flow rate range of 3-26 gpm with an accuracy of +/-1%. The body and rotor of this unit is constructed of nylon and glass reinforced fiber, with ceramic bearings and stainless steel shaft and snap rings, which makes this meter rugged, economical and chemical resistant.

The MPFM meter can be mounted in any orientation, or at the end of a hose. For ease of reading, the display can be positioned in any orientation on the meter in 90° increments. The batteries on this unit can be replaced which extends the lifetime. Similar models do not have this option and an entirely new meter must be purchased and installed when the batteries run out.

Accessory items for the MPFM Series meters include water hose adapters. One 1″NPT Male x GH Female and One 1″NPT Male x GH Male adapters attach the meter to any traditional outdoor garden hose to monitor garden watering, pool and pond filling and a variety of other applications. Be ready when the time comes to replace these uncommon sized batteries. Two LR1 size "N" 1.5v Alkaline Batteries are available as add-ins.

Typical applications of the MPFM flow meter include garden hose water measurement, fertilizer trucks, plant process water, tank filling, cement mixers, pond water feed lines, commercial washing machines as well as industrial de-icing and geo-thermal applications.

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Assured Automation is a privately held company that sells automated valves, actuators, flow meters, and valve accessories. Located in Clark NJ, Assured Automation's customers include original equipment manufacturers, resellers, and end users.


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