Africa Solar + Energy Storage Congress & EXPO 2017

12 April 2017

Conference Background

With thousands of off grid projects springing up across the Africa, solar project owners and developers require huge amouts of financing.

At Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017, we brings together the government, leading utilities, power producers, project developers, investors and solution providers to allow new business opportunities and valuable connections to be made.

Speakers Introduction(part)

Alberto Rodríguez
TTA’s Head of Projects - Africa region will present about “Regulatory Framework for mini-grids;technical requirements, service levels, interconnection of MG to the mini-grid".

Trama TecnoAmbiental, S.L
TTA's new mini-grids in Kenya (3), Tanzania (1) and Burundi (5) aim to offer access to clean and affordable energy to more than 10.000 people.

TTA announce that it successfully presented it findings from the pre-feasibility study of 30 hybrid PV mini-grids in rural Kenya to the main stakeholders of Kenya's power sector and donors on 10th March. The results will be soon available to private developers and operators, as well as interested parties in rural electrification.
Rural electrification expertise
• Capacity Building
• Consultancy
• Product sales
• Project Developer
• Service Provider
Off-grid system used
• Micro/Mini-grid
• Stand-alone
RE-technology used
• (Bio-)Diesel Back-up
• Battery / Energy Storage
• Bioenergy
• Hybrid
• Hydro
• Inverters / Power Components
• Solar PV
• Wind

Urbasolar's Vice President International and New Markets just confirmed to join our event, Will share an off grid case study: Red Land Roses solar power plant in Riuru, Kenya.

Leading French solar company Urbasolar is a French group specializing in the development, construction, financing, and operation of industrial photovoltaic power plants. Through its capital investment in Sillia VL, the 1st French manufacturer of photovoltaic modules with an annual capacity of 260 MW, URBASOLAR uses, Urbasolar already has operations in Kenya. It recently moved to deepen its activities in the country by launching another solar plant in Ruiru. Urbasolar Just partnered with Kenyatta University In one of its skills-transfer programmes to set up 10MW solar power plant (Kenya). Through the project, Kenyatta University will consume the power and sell the surplus to Kenya Power.

Mr. Vahid Fotuhi
Managing Director Access Power MEA

Access Power MEA
Access Power is a developer, owner and operator of power assets in emerging and frontier markets. Access is today one of the fastest growing independent power producers in emerging markets, and is currently developing power projects worth more than US$1 billion in 23 countries across Africa and Asia.

Access is developing a portfolio of power assets in Africa through its subsidiary Access Infra Africa (AIA). Today, AIA is actively seeking the development of a portfolio of renewable energy projects in 15 Africa countries. AIA is technology agnostic and focuses on developing affordable and sustainable power assets.

Business Development Manager
Vergnet's Topic: 100% Renewables Is Possible! Exploring technical and economic solutions for off grid solar + storage in Africa.

For over 25 years, VERGNET has been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining renewable energy plants in isolated and remote areas with limited infrastructure or extreme climate conditions. VERGNET is also a recognized provider and installer of turnkey PV power plants with extensive value addition in difficult locations, and extreme conditions

VERGNET, via its several references, and extensive experience, has been able to prove that 100% renewables is possible by harnessing the power of storage and via the intelligent real-time management of these hybrid solutions. As the economics of storage technologies continues to improve, storage will increasingly offer competitive edges to renewable energy technologies hence allowing user to benefit from the power of clean energy.

Mr. Laurent Van Houcke
Chief Operations Officer

BBOXX is a venture backed company developing solutions to provide affordable, clean energy to off-grid communities in the developing world.

BBOXX is fully vertically integrated, controlling every part of customer experience. BBOXX market leading products and appliances coupled with SMART Solar platform bring machine-learning and customer experience optimization to rural Africa. BBOXX ground-breaking financing structure has brought off-grid solar into the World’s financial markets. With over 80,000 systems deployed so far; 300 staff across 5 offices in China, UK and East Africa are waking up every morning to work with BBOXX to electrify 20M people by 2020.

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