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ABB names GF winner of its Global Supplier Sustainability Award

Friday, Mar 27, 2015

ABB has given its Global ABB Supplier Sustainability Award to GF foundry in Leipzig, Germany, to honor the supplier’s commitment to health and safety, social responsibility and efficient use of energy.

With multiple units supplying ABB, GF, based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, has adopted robust and effective sustainability practices and represents a model to which all ABB suppliers can aspire.

Its Leipzig foundry, which makes impact- and fatigue-resistant castings for ABB Turbocharging, provided an exemplary model for sustainable qualities ABB seeks from its suppliers. GF’s state-of-the-art operations set a high benchmark in ABB’s supply chain, particularly for suppliers with inherently hazardous and energy-intensive manufacturing processes such as smelting and casting.

“I am pleased that we reward the Global ABB Supplier Sustainability Award to GF in Leipzig,” said Daniel Helmig, ABB’s head of Supply Chain Management. “The company is an example of an ABB supplier that is in line with our high standards on sustainability and top quality – a real benchmark in our supply base.”

Among other things, GF has adopted new fuels to help limit carbon-dioxide emissions even as production volumes rise; relies on recycling for many of its raw materials; and provides training to reduce accidents and improve health and safety for thousands of employees around the globe.

“I am happy to see that GF’s continuous investments in technologies to reduce energy consumption, emissions and waste volumes, as well as its strong commitment to social responsibility and sustainable supply chains, is positively reflected in our supplier performance data,” said Adam Roscoe, ABB’s head of Sustainability Affairs. “I’d like to thank GF for its contribution to ABB’s vision of power and productivity for a better world.”

With the Global Supplier Sustainability Award, ABB seeks to help strengthen the foundations of sustainable business: the effective implementation of quality, health, safety and environmental management systems, as well as the use of recycling, advanced manufacturing technologies and innovative production scheduling to efficiently manage energy use.

“We are greatly honored to receive this award from ABB," said Manfred Leyrer, GF Corporate Sustainability Officer. "It shows that GF’s commitment and activities towards social and environmental responsibility are recognized. It is a stimulus to resolutely pursue our sustainability efforts.“

More about ABB’s Global Supplier Sustainability Award

ABB initiated the Global Supplier Sustainability Award in order to recognize sustainability leaders in its supply chains. Award candidates were identified by screening ABB’s supplier qualification, development and performance data using pre-defined criteria and performance thresholds to assess a supplier’s social responsibility, health, safety and environmental management.

Sustainability means balancing economic success, environmental stewardship and social progress to benefit all stakeholders. ABB’s commitment to sustainable business extends to its supply chains, where the ABB Supplier Code of Conduct defines key principles of sustainability and integrity that apply to all ABB suppliers.

ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about 140,000 people worldwide.

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