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KLA Corporation announced the launch of the revolutionary Axion T2000 X-ray metrology system for advanced memory chip manufacturers. Fabrication of 3D NAND and DRAM chips involves precise formation of extremely tall structures with deep, narrow holes and trenches, and other intricate architectural shapes – all requiring control at the nanoscale level. The Axion T2000 features patented technologies that power its ability to measure high aspect ratio device features with Read more...

HAWTHORNE, N.Y., Dec. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Microtronic, Inc., the well-known maker of high-speed full-wafer semiconductor macro defect inspection systems, wants to shed new light on a topic that is frequently misunderstood in the industry: macro vs. micro inspection. The company is releasing a new series of free informational tech bulletins entitled Macro Intelli Read more...