Yokogawa Releases the EJAC60E Hygienic Adapter System

23 May 2017

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it has extended its lineup of DPharp EJA® series differential pressure/pressure transmitters with the development and release for sale on this date of the EJAC60E hygienic adapter system. The EJAC60E hygienic adapter system consists of the EJA560E hygienic gauge pressure transmitter and adapters of different sizes and connection types.

The EJA560E hygienic gauge pressure transmitter does not use silicone oil or any other type of fluid as a sealant, eliminating the risk of contamination to the process fluid. As such, it is well suited to the specific requirements of our customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Yokogawa will leverage this feature to expand sales to the food and pharmaceutical industries in Japan, Asia, and other markets.

Development Background

On food and pharmaceutical production lines, pressure transmitters are often used that rely on a pressure detector with a silicone oil-filled diaphragm to transfer pressure to a sensing component. However, there is a risk that certain applications such as steam cleaning and high-pressure water cleaning could damage the diaphragm and result in the process fluid becoming contaminated with the silicone oil. Fluidless pressure detectors are a solution to this problem.

Yokogawa's DPharp differential pressure/pressure transmitters use conventional silicone oil-filled diaphragms to measure pressure. To meet the need for a fluidless pressure transmitter, the company has incorporated a fluidless pressure sensor in the EJA560E hygienic gauge pressure transmitter.

Product Features

High functionality
    To meet the diverse needs of our customers, Yokogawa has incorporated a fluidless pressure sensor in the EJA560E hygienic gauge pressure transmitter. This sensor is a Yokogawa product with a proven track record in Japan. The EJA560E transmitter thus combines the benefits of fluidless pressure detection with features such as an LCD display, range setting, and versatile communications that come standard with all DPharp EJA series instruments.
Ease of installation on production lines
    Food and pharmaceutical production lines have pipes of all sizes and necessitate a variety of connections. To accommodate these needs and thereby facilitate the construction of such facilities, the EJAC60E hygienic adapter system features a total of 16 adapters of different sizes and connection types.
Removable diaphragm / sanitary certification
    The diaphragm in the transmitter's pressure detector can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. For the EJAC60E, we expect to receive certification to the 3-A sanitary standard* within this year.


Source: yokogawa.com