Yokogawa Releases CellLibrarian™ High-content Data Management System

2 March 2018

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the release of the CellLibrarian™ high-content data management system. This system facilitates the retrieval and categorization of huge volumes of microscopic images taken for drug discovery and biological and medical research by ensuring that this data is managed in a uniform manner. The CellLibrarian image data management system is intended for use with Yokogawa's CellVoyager series high-throughput cytological discovery systems. By offering both solutions, Yokogawa will be able to help its customers improve efficiency and accelerate their research.

Development Background

High content analysis (HCA) systems that can identify new drug candidates by screening up to a million separate compounds are entering wide use in the drug discovery field. With HCA, cells are treated with candidate compounds, the cells are imaged by a microscope camera, and the images are analyzed to determine how the cells reacted to the compounds.

HCA systems generate huge volumes of image data. All this data together with metadata describing the kinds and concentrations of the compounds, the imaging conditions, and so on must be managed, and it must be possible to set search parameters for its retrieval, checking, and analysis. In response to the need for the management of data generated by its CellVoyager CV7000, CellVoyager CV7000S, and CellVoyager CV8000 high-throughput cytological discovery systems, Yokogawa has developed the CellLibrarian high-content data management system. The CellLibrarian platform is based on OMERO Plus, Glencoe Software's customized distribution of the world-leading OMERO image data management system built by the Open Microscopy Environment consortium. OMERO Plus is a proven solution for the management of optical and electron microscope images, pathological images, and HCA screening images that are used in life science, biomedical research, and clinical trial applications.


Source: yokogawa.com