Toshiba develops Low Power Control Technology for Wearable Devices

Thursday, Apr 16, 2015

Toshiba Corp. announced the development of an innovative low power control technology for microcontrollers supporting multi-sensor wearable devices. The development will be announced at COOL Chips XVIII in Yokohama, Japan, on April 15, 2015.

The new control technology achieved a 31 percent reduction in power consumption when applied to an activity monitoring application using the company's TZ1001MBG microcontroller (MCU). Toshiba has now embedded this technology into TZ1000 series MCU.

The goal for battery-operated wearable devices is a long run time without charging, with a physically small battery. This requires wearable devices to reduce the frequency of mode transition.

Toshiba's technology reduces the frequency of the mode transition by gathering the separate data acquisitions from multiple sensors which get data at their own regular intervals. Toshiba has developed an aggregating method that optimizing timing of data acquisition to suppress failures.

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