Tensor International completes press installation in Mexico City

Saturday, Sep 26, 2015

Tensor International recently completed installation of its new T460 heatset press at Todo Para Impresiones in Mexico City.

The installation was carried out in two steps. Phase one included retrofitting the drive and controls on their existing DGM press to a modern control system platform and replace the existing closed loop register system. The new press was installed in phase two and the both presses are installed inline and can be operated independently or as one press. Drive- and control system and all the automation was provided by Tensor´s sister company DCOS.

GT Impressiones is part of Grupo Sago Industries and decided to place the order with Tensor to extend their capacity to produce magazines but also to attract new customers and market segments by offering a more diversified range of print products.

"It´s always exciting to see the first copies coming off a new press model. The T460 is in many aspects based on proven Tensor designs from our other press models and we have targeted to build an affordable press that can produce high end semi commercial work. The T460 has now proven to live up to our expectations and we got a very nice show room at GT Impressiones", said Michael Pavone, COO at Tensor International.

The T460, which replaces the T500 which was originally introduced in 2006, offers the latest in automation and quality control features. The tower comes standard with unit shaftless drive, eleven roller Ink train (including three ink form rollers), remote ink control including ink presetting and closed loop register. Other auxiliaries included with the press is a gas dryer, plow folder and ribbon deck for producing a 12 page tabloid or a 6 page broadsheet.

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