Swiss Firm Endress + Hauser Targets $8B India Revenue by 2020


Swiss Firm Endress + Hauser Targets $8B India Revenue by 2020

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016

Switzerland-based instrumentation and process automation company, Endress + Hauser has its sights set on doubling its India revenue to $8 billion by 2020. They aim to achieve this target by the means of associated work with the “Smart Cities” of India.

Having already rubbed elbows with the Municipal Corporations of cities like Pune and Triichy, they are now conferring with civic bodies of the cities enlisted in Indian government’s Smart Cities Mission.

Sajiv Nath, MD, Endress+Hauser (India) said, "Our entire strategy of doubling the revenue by 2020 hinges on water and energy management work in smart cities. We have initiated talks with civic bodies for tie-ups on these projects in the proposed ecological urban spaces. Around 55% of our revenue focus will be on smart cities initiative.”

The Swiss company’s unit in Aurangabad is undergoing a thorough expansion of its capacity at the moment in order to facilitate the burgeoning work-flow in light of the government’s “Make in India” initiative and Smart Cities Mission. The expansion cost Endress + Hauser $300 M and is expected to finish by October.

Endress Hauser is planning to invest 7-8% of global revenue worth 2.1 billion in research and development globally and our India operations will benefit the most with the technology transfer. We are aiming to achieve exports worth Rs 1,000 crore from India operations to South East Asia, South Africa and Australia," informed Matthias Altendorf, global CEO, Endress+Hauser Group.

With over 6.000 patents in his kitty, pertinent to areas of water management and energy conservation, the group has proffered its services and solutions to numerous Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh to address water dearth as an issue.  

"Our existing work experience in water and energy management will allow us to work seamlessly with civic bodies to make these projects more efficient," said Nath.


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