Sinacon HC – hybrid converter for innovative grids

25 April 2017

Sinacon HC is a modular, flexible hybrid converter for innovative grids which links different power sources and batteries to the public grid or can be used to create microgrids. The ready-to-connect converter cabinet is convenient to use, and its flexibility provides innovative scope for feeding into public grids as well as the creation and operation of microgrids, for instance by integrating renewable energy sources such as wind or solar.

This modular, flexible hybrid converter concept works in conjunction with different decoupled DC sources. This allows different sources of energy, for instance, to be connected to the grid using just a single converter with different DC and AC terminals. The wide voltage range from 100 to 1150 Volts (V) DC allows an extensive choice of different batteries to be connected independently of the AC mains voltage level. This makes the converter compatible with all kinds of different batteries, from lithium ion through redox flow batteries or fuel cells. The AC voltage of 620 V allows the creation of standardized solutions and opens up potential for savings in the system. The broad scope of the converter opens up new business fields, both as a grid support and also for the creation of microgrids through the use of renewables combined with battery storage systems. The common inverter allows new concepts to be implemented and operated with the greatest of ease, for instance the use of renewable energy sources in combination with grid support, or the implementation of renewable energy in microgrids to save fuel costs. A consistently high grid quality is assured throughout by an optimized grid filter concept with hysteresis current control.

The hybrid converter comes with all the necessary conditions for feeding into medium-voltage grids, and is certified for local power grid standards (such as BDEW, UL1741, TAB HV).

The type tested, ready-to-connect cabinet system combines reliability with outstanding availability and efficient support through the global Siemens service platform. It also offers extensive scope for remote maintenance, control and operating status diagnosis using a web server.