Siemens wins big turbine overhauling order in India

6 March 2017

Leading technology giant Siemens has won a significant order from India's Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) in India to overhaul 18 units of RT48S & RT56 power turbines of Siemens fleet of aeroderivative gas turbines driven by Industrial Avon & Industrial RB211 gas generators along with installation and commissioning services.

The Zero Hour Overhauling will be first of its kind in India and involves the overhaul of power turbines to zero hour status, said the statement from Siemens.

Traditionally, ONGC's power turbines undergo a Time Continued Overhaul where after overhauling the units can run for another 50,000 hour before the next overhaul.

The turbines are operating at Mumbai High Asset and Neelam & Heera Asset of ONGC in Mumbai.

The overhauling incorporates Siemens' Zero Hour Overhaul services.

Under the newer concept of Zero Hour Overhaul, the turbines will be brought to zero hour status. The turbine will perform almost as new – capable of safe and reliable operation for another 100,000 hours before the next overhaul.

This will help reduce down-time and improve productivity by eliminating at least one intermediate overhaul.

"This order underscores our commitment to delivering innovative services that help our customers realize the full life expectancy of their power generating assets," said Thorbjoern Fors, CEO of Power Generation Services, Distributed Generation.

"We appreciate the confidence shown by ONGC and look forward to supporting their long-term operations," he added.