Siemens to Supply Gas Turbines for Lansing Board of Water & Light

30 November 2018

Siemens has received an order from Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL) to supply three SGT-800 gas turbines and generators for their new gas-fired generating station in Lansing, Michigan. The new plant will feature three SGT-800s, two operating in combined cycle and one simple cycle, that provides highly efficient base load power and operational flexibility. This configuration will be capable of producing approximately 250 MWs and provide reliable electricity to 250,000 homes throughout the Greater Lansing area. The new Siemens technology will help to reduce carbon emissions at the site.

With more than 350 units sold worldwide, six million operating hours, and an overall fleet reliability of 99.5 percent, these highly flexible gas turbines can produce power in less than ten minutes to provide a proven, reliable, and flexible solution for municipalities, utilities, and other industrial customers. Siemens will also supply its SPPA-T3000 digital control system, which helps effectively and efficiently control all functions within the plant.

The gas turbine packages will be manufactured in Finspang, Sweden. Commercial operation of the plant is scheduled for spring 2021.

“Siemens’ highly efficient and reliable SGT-800 met BWL’s exact need,” said John Gibson, Head of Sales North America, Siemens. “Utilizing cleaner-burning and affordable natural gas, this fuel-efficient facility will deliver reliable power while also helping to reduce emissions.”