Siemens offers new components for power monitoring system

29 April 2017

Siemens has added two new measuring devices and an expansion module to its Sentron portfolio. The TÜV-tested devices for the 7KM PAC3200T and 7KM PAC2200 standard mounting rails measure all relevant variables of an AC system. The devices can be easily integrated into higher-level automation and energy management systems via integrated communication interfaces to further process the measured data. Together with the powermanager software, the devices offer a power monitoring system that is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies. The 7KM PAC expansion module, I(N), I(Diff), analog, can be used to add more functions to the 7KM PAC3200 and 7KM PAC4200 measuring devices.

The measuring devices in the 7KM PAC series precisely, reliably and reproducibly detect the energy values for infeed, electrical tap-off units or individual consumers. They supply not only comprehensive information about the electrical power distribution but also important measured values for assessing plant states and power quality. The compact 7KM PAC3200T measuring devices can be easily snapped onto the standard mounting rail and are ideally suited for use wherever no display is required at the device. The 7KM PAC2200 measuring devices are equally easy to use. These versatile power meters display the most important measured values directly on an integrated display. Using communication interfaces they can be connected to energy monitoring systems via Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU or M-Bus. The data can be visualized independently of the device via the web server integrated into both measuring devices. The measuring devices are integrated in the powerconfig configuration software and the powermanager power monitoring software. They meet the requirements of IEC61557-12 with the class 0.5% of the 7KM PAC3200T measuring devices and the class 1% of the 7KM PAC2200 measuring devices. International approbations allow them to be used worldwide.
The 7KM PAC expansion module, I(N), I(Diff), analog, makes it possible to add more functions to the versatile 7KM PAC 3200 and 4200 measuring devices, such as class 1 N conductor measurement (IN) according to IEC61557-12 and type A or B differential current measurement. The module also provides two analog inputs, for example for measuring differential current (IDiff), temperature, flow and pressure.

Power monitoring systems make energy flows transparent and thus provide a basis for boosting efficiency. In addition to saving money by optimizing consumption, the systems also ensure higher reliability in infrastructure and industrial plants by monitoring power networks and power quality. At the same time, systematic power monitoring raises awareness of the amount of energy actually consumed. The power monitoring system from the Sentron portfolio provides a solid foundation for regular energy audits and an operational energy management system according to ISO 50001.