Siemens looks at digitalisation opportunity in Indian automobile industry


Siemens looks at digitalisation opportunity in Indian automobile industry

Friday, Jan 29, 2016

Automation major Siemens AG is looking at opportunities to implement its digitalisation portfolio for the automobile companies in India.

The digitalisation acitivities in the automobile manufacturing sector in the country is low and there is a huge potential considering that digitalisation would be the future of manufacturing activity across the globe, said Sebastian Israel, Industrie 4.0 and automotive industry specilist of Siemens AG.

Industrie 4.0 is a term used to note the development of the organisations and management of the manufacturing industry to the next level from automation, which is into digitalisation, according to experts.

The company has started creating awareness about the digitalisation process with various Indian automobile manufacturers and would expect to take it forward to implementation in future, he added.

Nitin Nair, chief manager of automotive vertical (India) for Siements Ltd has said that the overall automation in the automobile industry in the country is around 30 per cent and the company has around 65 per cent market share in the automation in the country's automobile industry.

"Digitalisation as an entire process would take time to complete and many of the companies are doing it in different ways. We see a huge potential for digitalisation in India and it is a major market for us," said Israel.

Industrie 4.0 would increase the productivity in conversion costs by 20-30 percent, said the company, quoting an analysis by Boston Consulting Group. The total productivity increase in five to ten years would be in the range of 4-7 per cent of total cost and 20-30 per cent of conversion cost, it added.

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