Siemens implements digital fleet management solution in China

26 October 2017

In the continuing expansion of its digital power plant solution offerings, Siemens has signed an agreement with China Resources Power Holdings Company Co. Ltd. (CR Power) to implement the setup of an integrated and connected Remote Operation Center (ROC) for CR Power's fleet.

Digitally connecting its power generation assets will give CR Power real-time insights into the operational conditions of its fleet. Based on those insights, Siemens' advanced data analytics will make recommendations for improved performance to help extend the operational lifetime of the power plants.

The ROC project will begin with CR Power's Jiangsu Branch. The connection of the 19 units (9.6 GW) is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

"This ROC connectivity project is a benchmark for Siemens digital power plant solutions," said Tim Holt, CEO of Siemens Power Generation Services. "By digitally integrating, connecting and analyzing data tied to their power generating assets we will provide them with new insights and outcomes that will help drive performance as well as increase reliability and availability."

Using its vast portfolio of digital tools and services and working closely with CR Power, Siemens is developing the ROC to help the company meet their strategic and operational goals with the focus on performance calculation and operation optimization to improve efficiency. The project will consist of a remote operation center, to be located at the CR Research Institute in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, with advanced big-data analysis and diagnostic capabilities optimal economic dispatch, reliability centered maintenance and a role-based working center to match digital instructions to each user's specific role.

Supporting the integration and connectivity for ROCs is MindSphere, Siemens' robust, cloud-based operating system that combines advanced data analytics, connectivity and cyber security with proven capabilities for remote monitoring, visualization, analysis and interpretation of data.