Siemens drives implementation of Vision 2020 with Mentor Graphics acquisition and Gamesa merger

4 April 2017

Siemens today concluded the merger of its wind power business with Gamesa on schedule. A few days ago, the company completed its acquisition of industry software provider Mentor Graphics earlier than originally planned. "Closing the two deals has enabled us to achieve another key milestone in implementing Vision 2020," said Siemens President and CEO Joe Kaeser. "With the new wind power company, we've created a global market leader in the area of renewable energies. Mentor Graphics will help us further expand our leading role in the digital sector. Both transactions will benefit customers, employees and shareholders."

Siemens Wind Power and Gamesa will form a world-leading wind power provider, with an unrivalled global presence and an excellent position in an attractive growth market. The two companies complement one another almost perfectly and boast a unique product portfolio.

Mentor Graphics is an important addition to the Siemens Digital Enterprise portfolio. Customers will be able not only to design a product's structure and mechanical systems and simulate its behavior; they will also be able to virtually map and optimize electronic systems. As a result, Siemens will be able to offer customers the most comprehensive digital twin possible – something no other company in its industry is currently in a position to do. Building on decades of experience in industrial automation and a wide-ranging software portfolio, the company will now be able to optimally leverage the potential of digitalization for its customers and generate customer value.