SGBC certificate has awarded to Fuji Electrics Variable Speed Drives


SGBC certificate has awarded to Fuji Electric’s Variable Speed Drives

Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015

Fuji Electric Co, Ltd., the leading energy technology company, announced that the company’s FRENIC-HVAC and FRENIC-AQUA have been recently awarded the Green Building Product Certificate by the Singapore Green Building Council.

The certification confirms that Fuji Electric’s Variable Speed Drives are energy saving, eco-friendly products and the company is poised to meet the burgeoning customer needs for energy efficiency equipments in industrial and commercial buildings.

The FRENIC-HVAC is designed to optimize energy consumption in office and industrial buildings related to air-conditioning which generally consumes 50% of the total electricity. Through active fine-tuning on water and air flow rates, to achieve adequate pressure and temperature of fans and pumps, thus contribute in greater energy saving and cost reduction.

The FRENIC-AQUA features dedicated functions as standard that are required in water treatment plants, such as 4PID control, cascade control, dry pump detection, slow flow rate function, and pick-up operation and many more.

Fuji Electric’s Variable speed drives have proven its excellence by conferring “The Best Variable Speed Drive Provider” at Asian Manufacturing Awards in 2014.

As a leader in power electronics and power semiconductors, Fuji Electric will continue to provide energy efficient products and solutions with lower environmental impact, and focus on green technology through energy related business.


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