Sequans Partners with Deutsche Telekom on Integrated SIM for IoT

26 February 2019

Sequans Communications S.A. is working with Deutsche Telekom on its recently announced technology, nuSIM, which is a ground-breaking solution that moves the SIM card functionality directly onto the chipset. This new development, whereby the old paradigm of removable SIM cards is done away with, ushers in a new era in IoT device deployment that enables IoT devices to be smaller, more cost-effective, and more power-efficient, thus significantly improving Deutsche Telekom’s ability to manage massive IoT device deployments with carrier grade security and efficiency.

“nuSIM is a powerful innovation and we are excited to play a part in this exciting development with Deutsche Telekom,” said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO. “Integrating the SIM functionality directly onto the chip will have a profound impact on the cost-sensitive IoT market as it will simplify provisioning and deployment and bring value to not only Deutsche Telekom, but to all of our IoT customers who will benefit from the lower device cost that an integrated SIM allows.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with Sequans on integrating nuSIM into their Monarch LTE for IoT chip,” said Ingo Hofacker, Senior Vice President, responsible for the IoT business at Deutsche Telekom. “All of Sequans’ Monarch customers who are looking to launch new IoT devices on our network will benefit from the simplified SIM solution. That will get their products to market faster than ever before.”

“nuSIM represents a major technological advancement in the IoT industry that will no doubt soon be adopted by many operators,” said Karam. “Deutsche Telekom is leading the way here to create an open ecosystem.”