Seeq and Inductive Automation partner to deliver connectivity for Ignition SCADA system

13 February 2017

Seeq announced the availability of connectivity to Inductive Automation’s Ignition SCADA system. This Seeq connector is designed to enable Inductive Automation customers to use Seeq Workbench to find insights in their data leading to better production outcomes including improved asset availability, product quality, and process efficiency.

Seeq is a software application for engineers in process manufacturing organizations to wrangle, investigate, and share insights on production data.  Seeq has been recognized by multiple analyst firms for its modern approach to the timeless problem of finding actionable insights in complex data sets.

Ignition is a SCADA platform used in more than 100 countries. Ignition is designed to empower industrial organizations around the world and in virtually every industry, through their software platform and dedicated support.

Both Seeq and Inductive Automation serve customers in multiple process manufacturing industries—including oil & gas to utilities, pharmaceutical, power generation, and others—and both are also building support for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployments such as remote asset monitoring and edge computing. Customers engaged in a preview of the Seeq and Ignition SCADA system offering included those in the manufacturing, chemicals, and food and beverage distilling industries.

Customers with an interest in using Seeq with Ignition should contact Seeq for information on Seeq Workbench and connectivity options. In Seeq’s most recent release, R16, new features enable support for the integration of structured data from SQL Server, MySQL, and CSV files. This means data from these data sources may be seamlessly integrated with Ignition data for analytics and insights.