Safeguarding operational life of switchgear at power plants

21 September 2017

ABB announces an enhanced solution using the VD4G vacuum generator circuit breaker to extend the safe operational life of electrical power plants.

The solution can be used to modernise both ABB or non-ABB installed base. It can be used to extend the existing OneFit concept with new ratings and covers generator protection applications to meet the demand of aging switchgear assets.

ABB is launching the new generator application as part of the type-tested OneFit solution to retrofit the installed base. It is a cost competitive solution as normally only a few generator breakers are needed in a hydro, combined heat or power generator plant. OneFit provides a solution and at the same time gives all the retrofill advantages, such as enhanced safety and modernization. It is also suitable for onshore application in oil and gas and heavy industry using combined generation.

This new release covers the brown field requirements of generator applications and it combines OneFit with the standard VD4G vacuum generator circuit breaker up to 15kV operating voltage with 17.5 kV rated insulation class, up to 100 MVA. OneFit is available in different versions, for narrow and wide panels, to provide the most convenient solution to meet different application requirements. The range has been extended to generator application with higher rated and short circuit current values. It is type tested by using dual logo IEC/IEEE 62271-37-013 withdrawable VD4G circuit breakers.

VD4G standard breaker on-board the OneFit is the preferred option in generator application, offering a fully qualified solution, safety upgrade by closed door operation and remote motorized racking. ABB Service offers the application analysis service that is needed for the retrofit.