Rockwell Automation partners with Cisco, Microsoft for solution development

Saturday, Feb 28, 2015

US-based Rockwell Automation Inc, which has over $6.62 billion dedicated to Industrial Automation and Information, is now planning to focus on further expanding its global footprint in some of the biggest emerging markets such as India, China and South-East Asia.

Rockwell Automation employs over 20,000 professionals globally, with almost a thousand based out of India.

Forging ties

On the backdrop of hosting India’s largest automation event called ‘Rockwell Automation on the move’, the company announced its partnership with Microsoft and Cisco for joint solutions development, and integrated solutions and service which will result in better asset optimisation and broader risk management for industrial companies.

Increasing awareness

Dilip Sawhney, Managing Director, Rockwell Automation India, said, “Increasing awareness of automation benefits in manufacturing shows a lot of scope for automation in manufacturing.

“Also, as the penetration of automation in manufacturing in India is low, this leaves vast potential for the industry to adopt automation for increasing productivity, improving decision making, quality and innovating processes.

In the light of ‘Make in India’ vision of the Centre, manufacturing will get a boost thus increasing the scope of adoption of  automation  in manufacturing. ”

Modern automation technology, from an engineer’s perspective, now broadly encompasses mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, good amount of instrumentation, communication engineering and lots of real time software (IT).

Combining disciplines

The revolution in the enterprise area, the emergence of IT in manufacturing, information systems and MES to connect automation to enterprise and finally the role of social, media, mobility, analytics, cloud (SMAC) has changed the way the manufacturing and automation companies look at automation.

On the company’s R&D facility in Bangalore, Sawhney said, “The only R&D Centre of Rockwell is based in Bangalore because of the cross-cultural nature of the city, high performance, quality chip design ability, power electronics, signal detection, easier to wrap up and scale up.”


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