Rockwell Automation focus on emerging markets


Rockwell Automation focus on emerging markets

Thursday, Feb 12, 2015

US-based Rockwell Automation want to focus on tapping opportunities available in two largest emerging markets like India and China, saying these countries have huge prospects for growth due to rapid pace of urbanisation, according to a top company official.

“We are clearly focused on the biggest emerging markets like India, China and South East Asia,” Rockwell Automation President (Asia-Pacific) Tom O’Reilly said.

“In these markets, there is a rapid growth due to increased rate of urbanisation and opens huge prospects for Rockwell’s Products and Solutions,” he told reporters.

Referring to the “Rockwell Automation on the Move 2015” conference organised on Wednesday, he said, “We conducted several sessions today. In one of the sessions we informed about how industries adapt to advanced technology at lower cost”.

“This event is a commitment to help manufacturers gain in competitive advantage they need to succeed and grow. Every manufacturer enter and progress through stages of Connected Enterprise,” Rockwell Automation India MD Dilip Sawhney told reporters.

Rockwell Automation employs over 20,000 professionals globally and has about 600 of them from India.


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