Rockwell Automation Acquires Boston-Based MagneMotion Inc.


Rockwell Automation Acquires Boston-Based MagneMotion Inc.

Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

Sprawling its net of smart-manufacturing technologies, Rockwell Automation has made a timely acquisition of Boston-area Company, MagneMotion Inc.

The Milwaukee-based company opined on Wednesday that this move was made to effectively expand its automation capabilities. MagneMotion is a mass producer of systems used for the locomotion of products around a manufacturing facility, with applications in assembly, packaging and material handling.

"MagneMotion expands our existing capabilities in independent cart technology," said Marco Wishart, Vice President and General Manager of Rockwell Automation’s motion control business.

He went on to add,  "Our recent acquisition of Jacobs Automation and its iTRAK technology is complementary to MagneMotion’s portfolio. We see a future where the transportation of products within the factory, whether inside of a particular machine or between machines, will be fully controlled to optimize the productivity and flexibility of the entire process.”

It will be another three months before the acquisition is conclusively closed. As a corollary of the agreement, MagneMotion will become a part of Rockwell’s motion business within the Architecture and Software segment.  

According to reports, MagneMotion’s CEO, Todd Webber, will continue to lead the business.


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