Physik Instrumente releases V-273 Actuator

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Physik Instrumente releases V-273 Actuator that reads the actuator‘s force and position sensors in parallel and seamlessly switches from closed-loop force control to position control and vice versa. OEM and industrial applications with rigorous throughput and uptime requirements benefit greatly from these features. With force resolutions to the Milli-Newton range, and 100 nanometer linear encoder resolution, the mechanism provides ultra-smooth action transitions.

PIMag voice coil actuators are compact with high dynamics as a result of its two components: a permanent magnet and a coil. Built with minimal components, there is less friction and greater precision, along with less wear and a substantially long service life of more than 10 million cycles. A lower cost position sensor-only version is also available.

Features & Advantages

High Speed to 250mm/sec
High precision with 0.1µm linear encoder
Force sensor option, high sensitivity 5mN
20mm Travel
8N Pushing Force
Design Resolution 0.002µm
More than 10 million cycles lifetime
C-413 Motion controller for simultaneous position and force control

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