OSG cutting tools with the HAIMER Safe-Lock System


OSG cutting tools with the HAIMER Safe-Lock System

Monday, Apr 20, 2015

The OSG-Group, a Japanese-based company, has begun offering their high quality cutting tools with the HAIMER Safe-Lock system worldwide.

The unique Safe-Lock design in cutting tools and toolholders combines a high precision press fit clamping with a positive form locking mechanism. This prevents round cutting tools from being rotated or completely pulled out from its tool holder during heavy machining. The combination of symmetrical pull out protection, highest concentricity and excellent balance of the Safe-Lock system, results in a vibration free machining process. This leads to a more efficient metal removal rate, that is superior when compared to conventional Milling chucks or Weldon shanked cutting tools and toolholders.

OSG has been testing various systems for pull out security over the past several months.

Technical Managing Director at OSG headquarters and CEO for North America, explains, “Our field testing proved that the combination of our endmills with Safe-Lock resulted in higher RPMs and feed rates even with difficult-to-machine materials. This enables our customers to obtain a significant increase in their current
metal removal rates, while at the same time having a higher security in their machining processes. Safe-Lock also has a very positive effect on tool wear.”

OSG is headquartered in Toyokawa, south east from Tokyo, where it has its solid carbide endmill production, coating facilities and production halls with the most modern CNC grinding machines. Due to these manufacturing capabilities, the company is able to insure the highest level of quality and availability of their
tools. An additional global production network enables the demands of local markets and customer needs to be met with fast delivery and the highest of service and support.

“We have established Safe-Lock as a standard in roughing and heavy machining for which a variety of tools are available worldwide,” says Andreas Haimer, President of the Haimer Group. “We are very proud and happy to have reached a strong partnership with OSG, one of the largest and leading producers of tools in the world.”

Since its launch in 2007, the Safe-Lock System has developed very successfully and excited many international customers. Last year alone, the growth was four times higher compared to previous years. This boom can be attributed to recognizing that the productivity increases resulting from the pull out protection is not restricted to typical aerospace applications but the cost and time savings can also be used in any typical milling application.



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