OMRON to Introduce CK3M-series Programmable Multi Axis Controller That Delivers World-beating Output Speeds

4 August 2018

OMRON Corporation announced the global release in August of its new CK3M-series Programmable Multi Axis Controller that achieves nanoscale motion control for future manufacturing in the digital and automotive industries.

OMRON has developed this compact motion controller by combining world-beating (*1) motion control capability of the Programmable Multi Axis Controller (PMAC) originally created by Delta Tau Data Systems with advanced design technologies that OMRON has refined over many years.

Semiconductor devices are now being increasingly miniaturized and 3D-structured. In the automotive industry, the shapes of internal and external components are becoming more complex, and more diverse materials are being used. In these circumstances, manufacturing machines require more precise positioning and path control that can be achieved through synchronized control of high-resolution encoders, motors, and other devices. However, with conventional controllers that can connect with only specified devices, fully synchronized control is difficult because separate controllers are used to control each device. Therefore, machine builders develop their own controller boards for machines and control machines by incorporating their own control algorithms, but design change due to discontinuation of used parts is a huge cost burden.

The CK3M Series can solve this problem by providing connectivity to virtually any type of motors and encoders using EtherCAT (R) and encoder communication protocols. This means only one controller is needed for high-speed synchronous control. Moreover, ANSI C or original programming language allows machine builders to create their own control algorithms.


- Optimize system configuration

The CK3M Series can interface with various encoders and motors, providing high-precision synchronous control and increasing machine performance.

- World-beating output speeds

The CK3M delivers world-beating output speeds: 50 microseconds/5 axes. High-speed feedback control enables precise path control in precision machining.

- Incorporate own advanced control

ANSI C or original programming language allows users to create complex and advanced algorithms. Full closed loop control (*2) by servo drives can be incorporated into the controller. Users can customize machine control such as vibration suppression optimized for the machine mechanism.

The functionality of this CK3M Series has been enhanced after its limited release for specific customers on April 1, 2018. OMRON set forth a strategic concept called "innovative-Automation!" (*3). By using the advanced and compact CK3M-series Controller that provides nano-level control, OMRON will contribute to next-generation manufacturing that supports development of the digital and automotive industries through this concept.