Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd Introduces New Services to Advance its B2B Push

3 October 2017

Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd, a leading B2B agency, introduced new services to advance its B2B push globally. With these new services, global businesses can reach out to a higher base of customers and will have a selection of many products.

On Friday, Ochre Media Pvt Ltd said it would look to serve a wide variety of businesses globally through the new services, including manufacturers, buyers, and suppliers.

“This is basically a B2B platform to connect buyers and suppliers globally. The idea behind these new services was quite simple – we receive inquiries from our sellers who reach out to us and want to buy products from manufacturers. We help them to meet their procurement/business needs in a seamless manner,” said company’s spokesperson, in an interview.

The new services will have a selection of over 10, 000 products, according to Ochre Media. The company expects a lot of business from various categories and it has already started helping the businesses.

Few services provided by this company are Email Marketing, Digital Marketing Services, B2B Services, Profile Listing, and Video Marketing and so on.

Driven by innovative multi-channel digital distribution strategies and tools, Ochre Media integrates development pathways with new opportunities. The company provides wholesome and well-researched information conducive to commercial growth of companies.

Ochre Media Pvt Ltd inspects every business vertical extensively to bring out the best commercial opportunities for clientele, saving them the hunt.

The company enhances its B2B push by providing a one-click access to the latest industry news/press releases, trade shows & event listings, business articles on industrial issues, industrial investments and manufacturing projects, financial reports, and interviews with industry experts.