Metso is awarded its largest long-term strategic services contract


Metso is awarded its largest long-term strategic services contract in North America with the world's second largest producer of soda ash

Tuesday, May 03, 2016
Metso is awarded its largest long-term strategic services contract in North America with the world's second largest producer of soda ash

Metso has entered into a five-year, long-term strategic services partnership agreement with Tata Chemicals (Soda Ash) Partners to repair, rebuild, and service existing pyro-processing equipment and systems in its Green River, Wyoming, USA, operation. The total contract value is approximately 27 MEUR.

Metso will provide Tata Chemicals with a full-service, custom solution for its North American manufacturing facility. The contract covers the rebuilding of 19 existing pyro-processing units over the contract period, which includes the supply of installation labor, training for site personnel, and full-time Metso experts on-site to oversee the execution of the work. The scope of the new agreement for the seven calciners and twelve rotary dryers also includes several modernization and upgrade measures to improve safety, efficiency, and operational flexibility at the Green River facility. A part of the agreement is booked in Metso's second quarter 2016 orders received, leaving the rest to be booked throughout the agreement period.

To meet their efficiency goals and growing market demands, Tata Chemical selected Metso to provide a total services solution. "We are extremely pleased to have signed a five-year contract with Metso," said Martin Keighley, CEO & Managing Director at Tata Chemicals North America. "This contract provides Tata Chemicals a long-term partnership with a leading provider of energy-efficient solutions. Metso has decades of experience servicing the mining industry and will be a valued partner to Tata Chemicals."

"It is through the professionalism and knowledge of our own field service engineers that Tata Chemicals came to recognize Metso as a product and service leader during 2015," says Terry J. Wilkins, SVP, Market Areas USA & Canada at Metso. "With this as a foundation, and through timely sales and engineering leadership, Tata Chemicals decided that a long-term strategic services partnership with Metso would bring many tangible benefits to their refining operations. The partnership with Tata Chemicals embraces our joint desire to have deep customer insights and engaging relationships with all stakeholders leading to sustainability in operations," Wilkins says. "I speak for the entire Metso team in saying that we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Tata Chemicals."

Metso designs, engineers, supplies, and services pyro-processing equipment and systems that increase the economic value of ores, minerals, waste, and related materials - while also protecting the environment. With this latest partnership, Metso continues to be well positioned in its long-term strategy to expand service operations in the western USA mining and industrial community, including Wyoming, Utah, and  northern Nevada, where a significant and broad installed base exists.


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