Lapp Group announces OLFLEX 409 P PUR control cable

16 January 2017

Lapp Group USA announces its ÖLFLEX 409 P PUR control cable for oil- and abrasion-resistant industrial machine tools and appliances.

A special interstice filling functional layer on a special PVC base enables more efficient and reliable stripping and ensures improved stripping characteristics, reduction of damage to core insulation, less subsequent manual processing and reduced material waste – compared to common PUR jacketed cables.

Thanks to a robust polyurethane outer sheath, this cable delivers increased durability under harsh conditions. ÖLFLEX 409 P is also resistant to contact with many mineral oil-based lubricants, diluted acids, aqueous alkaline solutions and other chemical media.

In addition, this cable is made up of a fine-wire, bare copper conductor, special PVC core insulation, twisted-layer cores and a special outer sheath of polyurethane with an interstitial functional layer.

Other technical features include:

• Intermittent flexing temperature range from -5 to 70°C
• Fixed installation temperature range from -40 to 80°C
• Test voltage: 4000 V
• Minimum bending radius:
   • Flexible use: 12.5 x outer diameter
   • Fixed installation: 4 x outer diameter