JLanka to invest $10m in Bahrain renewable energy sector

22 January 2019

Sri Lanka-based JLanka International, a premier solar and renewable energy technology solutions provider, has announced an investment of up to $10 million within the coming five years in Bahrain’s renewable energy sector.

Commencing operations in Bahrain, JLanka has been commissioned by the kingdom’s Sustainable Energy Unit (SEU) under the supervision of Dr Abdul Hussain Bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Electricity and Water, to conduct an exclusive training programme in Bahrain to educate and certify solar PV contractors and consultants as well as training EWA personnel on grid connection standards, said a statement from the company.

JLanka has also been appointed as lead consultant on a project to install solar PV systems on more than 500 government owned buildings in Bahrain including schools and hospitals. This comes on the back of The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) awarding Green Innova, under the consortium formed with JLanka, an operation and maintenance contract for the 5MW solar plant installed at the University of Bahrain and at various Bapco sites, it said.

The launch of JLanka International marks the inauguration of JLanka Technologies’ first overseas business entity outside of Sri Lanka and sees its international headquarters based in Bahrain.

JLanka has a 40-member team of scientists, engineers and technicians, as part of their 400+ staff, dedicated to research and development and, as a result, has successfully developed its own fast EV charger, smart meters and power optimisation devices.

Magdy Elnemr, chief business development officer of JLanka International, said: “We are delighted we are expanding our operations internationally and Bahrain was an ideal choice for our first overseas investment.”

“Bahrain’s Government has a clear commitment to renewable energy enablement and is therefore the perfect location to launch and expand a technology driven company,” Elnemr said.

“Bahrain provides companies with the unique opportunity to expand directly across the GCC, making it an important gateway for any company looking to access the rest of the GCC. What’s more, the opportunity to tap into a young, motivated and highly skilled workforce, is of paramount importance for any new industry, with the sharing of knowledge with the local Bahraini workforce crucial to the success of our investment,” Elnemr added.

Dr Simon Galpin, managing director, Bahrain Economic Development Board, said: “The fact that JLanka has chosen Bahrain as its first port of call for international expansion is a testament to the conditions that exist here for the solar power industry.”

“It is not just the focus and commitment put in place by the government through the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAP), but also our highly skilled workforce and unparalleled government support for innovative technology,” he said.

“We welcome the investment from JLanka, a company whose application of next generation technology can undoubtedly increase the efficiency and the financial feasibility of renewable energy projects in Bahrain,” he added.


Source: tradearabia.com