Kyocera opens manufacturing plant in Jamshedpur


Japan electronics and ceramics manufacturer, Kyocera opens manufacturing plant in Jamshedpur

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2015

Japan's Kyocera Group opened its first manufacturing plant in Jharkhand's Jamshedpur city recently.

Kyocera is a leading supplier of cutting tools, solar batteries, cell phones, printers and electronic components.

The company forayed into the Indian market with partnership with CTC Private Limited, an industrial cutting tool manufacturer.

Kyocera CTC Precision Tools Private Limited (KCPT) was jointly established by Kyocera Asia Pacific Private Limited, which is dedicated to sales in the Asia-Pacific region.

The company is now focusing on the manufacture of micro drills for printed circuit boards and hole-making tools called Micro Industrial Tools.

Recently, KCPT organized distributors' meeting in Jamshedpur.

"It's the first time to hold a distributor meeting at KCPT in Jamshedpur. We have 59 guests from 54 distributors," said Kiyotada Takayanagi, Managing Director, Kyocera CTC Precision Tools Private Limited.

Currently, Kyocera has sales offices in four cities across India, including Gurgaon, Chennai, Bengaluru and Pane.

In September 2012, the company established a technical center for cutting tools in Gurgaon to support the local customers by providing a technical support system.

"India will be dynamic in the future, we are producing most high and newest deliberative technology applied high performance tools in our most advanced production plant," said Ken Ishii, General Manager, Corporate Cutting Tool Group of Kyocera Corporation.

Gokul Agarwalla, Director, Kyocera CTC Precision Tools Private Limited, said the company's vision and goal is to double the sales in the next three years, triple the sales from the present level in the next five years and serve the overseas market in equal amount.

"That makes us among the top two or three players in this country. We have had very positive experiences working with Japanese companies and I am very sure that this relationship is going to be extremely fruitful, useful, not only for us but also for our customers in India," he added.

The Japanese companies are also launching products in the beauty market as per the requirement of local customers.

In Malaysia, many women face skin problems because of sun rays and are looking for solutions to protect their skin.

"Awareness of sun damage and sun block protection is actually increasing among Malaysian women. The growth of skin care lineups becomes more because of the awareness of women. Asian women are very obsessed for the fair skin and they want to stay as beauty as possible," said Haidy Tan, Senior Sales and Marketing Executive, FUJIFILM (Malaysia).

"Therefore, the beauty products with the promise of unblemished skin actually appeals to them to select the skin care brands," Tan added.

Fujifilm has used its proprietary image analysis technology to be the first in the world to successfully visualize UVA in such longest wavelength region.

It passes through the horny layers and epidermis of skin, to damage the collagen in the dermis, causing spots, sagging, and dullness.

Fujifilm recently released the world's first product, which effectively protects the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

"This product is the first in the world that cuts up to 90 percent of the UV. Based on a survey conducted by Fujifilm, for up to 65 percent of the women experienced the incidental sunburn despite of applied sunblocks constantly. Not all the products actually bring the same effect. So, you have to select the product that actually has high protections for your skin damage," said Tan.

With the newly developed UVA Guard, Fujifilm created hybrid particles by bonding the absorption agent and scattering agent molecules. This made it possible to block 90 percent of such UV rays.

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