Honeywell unveils new tech to boost ME supply chains

21 February 2017

Honeywell, a global technology and manufacturing leader, has introduced its technology breakthroughs and innovative solutions to address the rapid rise in e-commerce in the Middle East, and the continued development of the region’s manufacturing, retail and logistics sectors.

The new products and solutions are targeted at regional manufacturers, distribution centers, logistics providers, delivery firms and retailers, and aim to significantly streamline operations and ultimately achieve better bottom-line results by driving efficiency across supply chain operations, said a statement from the company.

The new technology, announced during the Honeywell Live: The Future of Supply Chain, Today broadcast event on Tuesday (February 21), range from a revolutionary 3-D dimensioning system that automatically captures the volume of parcels to connected solutions that boost the productivity of workers in brick-and-mortar retail stores, it stated.

John Waldron, the president and CEO of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS), pointed out that the e-commerce boom and growing consumer expectations have put a spotlight on operational inefficiencies and disconnects.
"To stay competitive, businesses need to deploy the Internet of Things, cloud solutions and automation throughout their supply chains," remarked Waldron.

"The technology we launched demonstrates our commitment to innovation and bringing to market hardware and software solutions that can help organizations boost productivity and safety," he noted.

Edmond Mikhael, the general manager for Honeywell SPS in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Turkey, said: “Having access to the latest technology allows those working in supply chain management to plan better, run multiple operations and drive collaborative decision-making, therefore improving delivery and response times.”

“Our solutions increase effectiveness through automated and optimised processes that reach every touchpoint – from the warehouse to retail shops, enabling a seamless end-user experience and allowing our customers to get closer to their goal of a more efficient, next generation supply chain,” he added.

Honeywell said it is deploying connected solutions for a range of customer challenges.

Automation, software and hardware solutions are helping retailers meet growing customer expectations for faster and cheaper delivery.

Cloud technology is helping logistics providers better track and route deliveries. And connected safety solutions from SPS make workplaces safer by enabling better monitoring of workers in high-risk situations, such as firefighters or utility line workers.

The new products and solutions announced at the event, which are immediately available in the region include:
•Connected Retail Solution - It combines software and mobile devices to bring distribution center operational excellence to brick-and-mortar retail stores to enhance worker productivity, increase profitability and lead to better customer satisfaction. Retailers can better direct their store associates to improve speed and accuracy for fulfilling orders and completing routine store tasks.
•XenonTM 1902g - A wireless battery-free scanner, a 2D area-imager, makes wireless scanning more convenient with fast, ready-to-scan charging in less than 15 seconds. The new lightweight scanner eliminates the need for replacement lithium-ion batteries and reduces the amount of heavy metals sent to landfills.  

Other products and solutions which will be available shortly include:
•AutoCube - A 3-D depth sensing technology, instantly and automatically captures the volume of an object with extreme precision – to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual measurements. The cost-effective dimensioning solution allows customers to capture more revenue, reduce bottlenecks and shipping errors and optimize storage space and workflows.
•CK75 - A handheld computer, an ultra-rugged, lightweight device, is optimized for demanding warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing environments. The CK75 can also be equipped with a heater offering so that it can be used in cold storage and freezers. Customers can choose between Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 and Android™ 6 operating systems on a single device.
•CN75 - A handheld computer designed for courier express, parcel and mobile workers to function for long periods of time even in the most challenging weather conditions. The CN75 mobile device also offers operating system flexibility to support complex applications and high-speed wireless communications for real-time data reporting in the field.

The company also showcased how it is advancing cloud-based mobile solutions on its Movilizer platform.