Honeywell offers first six-gas, benzene-specific monitor


Honeywell offers first six-gas, benzene-specific monitor

Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015

Honeywell, a leader in wirelessly connected gas and radiation detection solutions, has introduced MultiRAE Benzene, the industry’s first wireless portable six-gas monitor with a benzene-specific, snapshot measurement designed to protect workers in hazardous environments.

The new MultiRAE Benzene includes an innovative six-tube cartridge -- RAE SepTube Cartridge -- that operates in conjunction with the unit’s photoionization (PID) sensor.

The MultiRAE Benzene measures benzene in the 0.1 to 200 ppm range while the RAE SepTube Cartridge filters out other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and gases, eliminating cross-interference, a long-time problem in benzene-specific detection, said a statement.

The benzene detection capability is one element of a unique, one-to-five-sensor module with interchangeable electrochemical, combustible and PID sensors to protect users from a broad range of toxic and combustible gases and VOCs.

Multi-RAE Benzene provides real-time, wireless access to instrument readings and alarm conditions, including a man-down scenario.

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research, the global gas detection equipment market is forecast to reach $3.37 billion by 2022, with portable gas detection equipment poised to exhibit maximum growth over the forecast period. Key factors driving the growth of global gas detection equipment market include increasing concerns about occupational health and safety coupled with rise in demand for wireless gas detectors market. The market for portable gas detection equipment is mainly driven by growing preference for flexible, portable equipment for gas leak detection, especially in confined areas with limited access, it said.

“Benzene snapshot specific measurement combined with a six-gas portable monitor adds a critical component to what already is the industry’s leading portable gas monitor for industrial safety managers,” said Gautier Mallet, product manager for Honeywell Industrial Safety. “Now plant managers can provide a higher degree of protection for their workers while increasing operational efficiency. With snapshot benzene measurement, MultiRAE Benzene allows confined space pre-screening with one instrument rather than two, and can quickly evaluate potential benzene sources.”
Other MultiRAE features of note include: wireless connectivity as a standalone or networkable solution; intelligent, field-replaceable sensors including oxygen, LEL combustibles, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and others; up to six months’ datalogging; automatic bump test and calibration (with AutoRAE2) and stainless-steel housing with IP-65 water/dust ingress protection.

The MultiRAE Benzene has been certified for intrinsic safety IECEX /ATEX Ex ia IIC T4 Ga.

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