Hollysys Automation Technologies announces significant Contract


Hollysys Automation Technologies announces significant High-Speed Rail Signaling Contract win valued at USD $75.5 Million

Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015

Hollysys Automation Technologies, Ltd., a leading provider of automation and control technologies and applications in China, announced today that it signed significant contracts to provide Automatic Train Protection (ATP) equipment and system for 70 sets of high-speed trains in 200-250km/h and 109 sets of high-speed trains in 300-350km/h respectively, total valued at approximately RMB 483.8 million or USD $75.5 million. The delivery of the products is expected to be finished by June 2016.

The on-board signaling equipment ATP (Automatic Train Protection) works together with the ground-based signaling equipment TCC (Train Control Center), as the critical control elements in the high-speed railway signaling systems to ensure the safety and reliability of the high-speed railway operation.

Hollysys' management commented: "We feel excited about the significant high-speed rail contract win, which demonstrates our solid technology capability and key market position. Besides that, for 300km/h-350km/h speed segment, this is our first time to provide ATP equipment and system for B type and D types of high-speed trains unlike before we only provided for A type of high-speed trains, which means that our products now fit the requirements for more types of high-speed trains. In the future, Hollysys will continue to work closely with the China Railway Corporation and national railway authorities, leveraging its strong R&D capability, effective management and high-quality products and services, make more contribution to China's railway construction and explore the vast rail and subway opportunities both in China and abroad, and create value for our shareholders."



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