Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announces RS4 Scanner for ROMER Absolute Arms

20 February 2017

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announced new laser scanning technology which is available for the portable ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner (SI) series. The RS4 scanner offers a scan rate nearly 60 percent faster than the previous model. The fully integrated scanner is optimized for measuring objects with challenging surfaces such as carbon fiber or machined steel. The complete scanning system delivers accuracy that is verifiable and traceable. The ROMER Absolute Arm SI with the RS4 scanner is ideally suited for point-cloud inspection, product benchmarking, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, virtual assembly and CNC milling. The solution provides tactile and non-contact dimensional measurements for applications in aerospace, automotive, power generation, medical, heavy equipment, defense, consumer products, and more.

The RS4 scanner introduces a laser line nearly double the width of its predecessor, which translates to larger surface coverage and faster data collection. With a higher point resolution, ROMER users can obtain greater point cloud detail in significantly less time during a scanning session. The profile of the RS4 also allows users to scan more deeply into difficult-to-reach cavities. Users of the portable measuring arm can switch between tactile probe measurements and laser scanning to acquire 3D point data from a wide variety of surface types. As with every ROMER Absolute Arm model, scanner warm-up and time-consuming calibrations are not required.