GE’s fuel-efficient 6F.03 gas turbines to power Korea Zinc’s Power Plant in Onsan, Korea

11 December 2018

GE Power announced today that the company’s reliable and flexible 6F.03 gas turbines will power Korea Zinc’s LNG Combined Cycle Power Plant located in Onsan, Ulsan City of Korea. Korea Zinc is a world-class general non-ferrous metal smelting company. They produce 18 types of non-ferrous metals from zinc to lead, gold, silver, and copper as well as rare metals such as indium, contributing to the growth of Korea’s basic metal industry for over 40 years.
Korea Zinc’s LNG Combined Cycle Power Plant will produce power for the captive consumption of Korea Zinc, meaning the plant will produce the electricity needed for the local industrial operations at the site. The plant will generate more than 270 MW of power using LNG as a fuel source.
One top officer of Korea Zinc said, “This is a meaningful project that we can generate and supply power on our own using GE's highly reliable gas turbines. GE’s 6F.03 gas turbines are offering superior performance, reliability, and flexibility, which we are exactly looking for. We will continue to collaborate with GE to complete the project successfully and ensure the stable supply of power to Korea Zinc." Two units of GE’s 6F.03 gas turbines will be installed at Korea Zinc Combined Cycle Power Plant, with the goal to be completed by January 2021.
GE and Korea Zinc closely collaborated to build Korea Zinc’s captive power plant for this specific industrial application, and 6F.03 gas turbine - known for best-in-class efficiency and high exhaust energy – was finally selected and will best serve their needs. GE’s 6F.03 gas turbine can generate up to 87 Megawatt (MW) of power in simple cycle.
Woonsik Ha, executive leader of GE Power in Korea, said, “We are glad that Korea Zinc selected GE’s 6F.03 gas turbine for their captive power plant. Our gas turbines provide high efficiency with durability and flexibility that will enhance Korea Zinc’s productivity.”
According to Korea Power Exchange’s recent research for the self-generation in Korea, most of the captive power plants in Korea are operated by steel, petrochemical, and oil refinery companies that consume large amount of power. It reports that the demand of captive power will, to some extent, increase in near future, depending on economic prospects as well as fuel costs. GE will supply power facilities and cutting-edge technology to create value that helps meet such power demand of Korean companies with its sophisticated gas turbine technology.
GE’s 6F.03 turbines are capable of operating on a wide range of natural gas, distillate, and synthetic fuels. With the large and diversified installed base across 40 countries, there are more than 200 units of GE’s 6F.03 gas turbines in operation globally.