GE Quickly Expanding into Servicing Other Manufacturers


GE Quickly Expanding into Servicing Other Manufacturers’ Power Generation Equipment

Friday, May 06, 2016

GE’s Power Services business today announced the start of a new steam turbine overhaul project at the Mondi Swiecie S.A. paper mill in Poland as well as the successful completion of advanced boiler upgrades at two coal-fired power plants operated by ?EZ, a. s. and Energotrans a. s. in the Czech Republic. The projects are the latest in a series of orders showcasing GE’s enhanced global capabilities to service other manufacturers’ power generation equipment after the company acquired Alstom Power in November 2015.

“These projects underscore our expanded capabilities as a total solutions provider for operators around the world—no matter if their turbines and other components were originally supplied by GE, Alstom or another original equipment manufacturer (OEM),” said Paul McElhinney, president and CEO of GE’s Power Services business. “GE is committed to offering greater value to operators seeking to improve the life cycle performance of their power generation equipment. With technologies and expertise that now cross all major plant assets and numerous OEM brands, Power Services can develop solutions that deliver better performance and value at the plant and fleet levels.”

Overhaul of Siemens-Supplied Industrial Steam Turbine at Mondi Swiecie S.A. Paper Mill
In Poland, GE’s Power Services business has been selected to overhaul a Siemens-supplied, 48-megawatt (MW) PBS industrial steam turbine at Mondi Swiecie S.A.’s paper mill in Swiecie. The main purpose of overhauling the turbine is to extend the unit’s operating life.

“GE’s proposal was selected based on the technical solution, price and the short delivery time,” said Tomasz Katewicz, production director for Mondi ?wiecie S.A.

For the project, GE is overhauling a Siemens-supplied PBS Brno steam turbine in Unit 2 of the mill’s four-unit station. GE will provide a factory overhaul of the steam turbine’s rotors and new blades as well as a factory overhaul of the generator rotor. GE’s field services team also will overhaul the turbine generator’s control system and auxiliary equipment at the mill.

Mondi Swiecie S.A. is owned by the Mondi Group, which is an international packaging and paper group that employs about 25,000 people in more than 30 countries.

Boiler Modernizations at Po?erady and M?lník Coal-Fired Power Plants, Czech Republic
GE recently completed advanced boiler modernization projects at the coal-fired plant Elektrárna Po?erady, a. s. from ?EZ Group and the coal-fired M?lník I power plant, operated by Energotrans a. s., which is a power and engineering company fully controlled by ?EZ. These upgrades reduced the power plants’ nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 60 percent, enabling the stations to supply power and heat to households and industries in compliance with European Union emissions standards.

“Refurbishing the M?lník I power plant guarantees Prague, Neratovice and M?lník reliable long-term deliveries of heat generated in an environmentally sound manner,” said Miroslav Krpec, CEO of Energotrans. “Citizens of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region quickly benefitted from cleaner air as we brought the modernized equipment into operation in stages throughout 2015.”

Nitrogen oxides are byproducts of combustion processes. It is crucial for operators to control NOx emissions because not only is NOx a major air pollutant by itself, but it also reacts in the atmosphere to form ozone—the primary constituent of smog—and acid rain. Ozone remains a significant air pollution problem worldwide, with many people continuing to be exposed to unhealthy levels in the air they breathe.[1]

GE modernized four, 200-MW pulverized coal boilers—originally supplied by Czech engineering group Vitkovice—at the Po?erady power plant in the northwestern part of the country as well as six, Vitkovice-supplied pulverized coal boilers at the 1,089-MW M?lník I power plant.

“Over a period of only six days, at the Po?erady power plant we gradually increased the output of each boiler from 130 to 190 MW to ensure everything worked properly. Each boiler passed demanding stress tests, and we are very satisfied with the performance of the new equipment and the project execution of the GE team,” said Ji?í Kulhánek, CEO of the Elektrárna Po?erady, a. s. power plant of the ?EZ Group.


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