GE Power Announces PT. Euroasiatic Jaya as Jenbacher Gas Engines Distributor for Indonesia

6 September 2017

As Indonesia continues to face energy challenges, GE Power (NYSE: GE) today announced it has appointed PT. Euroasiatic Jaya as an authorized distributor of Jenbacher gas engines in the country. The move builds on GE Power’s ongoing commitment to provide power generation solutions to Indonesia’s industrial, commercial and municipality customers with reliable, more efficient power at or near the point of use.

PT. EuroAsiatic Jaya will sell and service Jenbacher gas engines in the country and provide Indonesian customers with full life cycle support of installing, servicing, operating, maintaining and supplying genuine original equipment manufacturer spare parts for GE Power’s Jenbacher gas engines fleet in Indonesia. PT. Euroasiatic Jaya’s extensive warehouse capacities will help support the fast availability of spare parts in Indonesia to help increase uptime of the installed engines.

“With our new GE Power distributor agreement, we will be able to greatly enhance the customer experience for companies that need power in Indonesia, ranging from natural gas and renewable fuels such as biogas and landfill gas to industrial on-site power production,” said Alexander Schmahl, sales director, PT. Euroasiatic Jaya. “Our growing team of skilled reciprocating engine technicians around the country, and our warehousing facilities will eventually help to ensure a rapid buildup of stock of genuine parts inventory to help ensure immediate, local customer support—both on-site and in our shops.”

PT. Euroasiatic Jaya brings extensive experience from Southeast Asia in power generation from natural gas and renewable fuels such as biogas and landfill gas. PT. Euroasiatic Jaya has been serving the Indonesian region since 1969. The company is headquartered in Jakarta, with more than 500 employees in seven countries in Southeast Asia.

“As the fourth-largest country in terms of population continues its economic growth and development, Indonesia is already one of the 20 biggest energy consumers in the world[1]. If renewable energy sources are not developed immediately, depletion of energy resources becomes a real threat to face this increasing challenge. Therefore, Indonesia needs to produce more energy from its renewable resources, and biomass is an opportunity to help solve Indonesia’s energy challenges,” said Wouter-Jan van der Wurff, general manager, channel for GE Power’s Distributed Power. “GE Power’s Jenbacher gas engines will allow customers in Indonesia to improve waste management while enhancing the use of an economical energy supply. With a localized workforce, our customers also will greatly benefit from PT. Euroasiatic Jaya’s extensive experience with both reciprocating engine technology and in the industry.”

Increasingly, companies with power needs in Indonesia are relying on on-site power systems to accelerate operational efficiency. The potential for biomass energy in Indonesia is estimated at around 50 gigawatts (ESDM, 2011), whereas the installed capacity (using biomass energy) is approximately 1,600 megawatts (MW) (Faizal, 2011). The gas engine product lines from GE Power, which include Jenbacher gas engines, bring the dual advantage of reliable on-site power as well as off-grid solutions. Jenbacher cogeneration technology can use biogas for power generation—technology that provides both economic and ecological benefits. Globally, more than 16,000 Jenbacher gas engines with a total electrical output of about 22 gigawatts have been delivered worldwide.