Epson Robots Launches High Performance Force Guide

16 October 2018

Today at PACK EXPO – Epson Robots, the #1 SCARA robot manufacturer in the world, announced the new high performance Force Guide integrated force guidance solution which takes robot automation to the next level with amazing precision and outstanding rigidity. Epson® Force Guide is a tightly integrated force control system that allows Epson Robots to sense and make precision moves using force feedback data.  Powered by proprietary Epson Quartz Technology, it enables Epson robots to detect six axes of force with precision down to 0.1 N. Driven by real-time servo system integration, Force Guide delivers fast, tactile feedback to guide robots for high-precision parts placement.

Designed for easy configuration and set up, the Epson Force Guide integrated solution features a point-and-click interface with pre-configured solutions and built-in objects, reducing the development time for applications which require high precision.  It is perfect for tasks such as part insertion, screw driving, grinding/polishing and more.

"Force Guide is a revolutionary force control system that is opening up possibilities for robot automation in areas that were not possible before," said Gregg Brunnick, director of product management for Epson Robots. "It enables robots to tackle applications with high precision or high performance motion guidance requirements making it a great fit for a wide range of high precision applications."