Emerson Process eyes automation opportunity in pharma companies


Emerson Process eyes automation opportunity in pharma companies

Monday, May 18, 2015

Emerson Process Management, an Emerson business that provides automation solutions, is in talks with pharma companies to offer its solutions. The automation would aid the companies be efficient in material use even as the full batch production details could be captured.

“Pharma companies are keen on automation solutions as that will help them in being efficient with the material use. Compliance is on the agenda as pollution and emission norms are getting stricter than ever before,” said Dr Amit Paithankar, MD, Emerson Process Management (India). According to him, there is a big demand for automation services from lifesciences and generics players. "We are in talks with multiple pharma companies in Hyderabad to install electronic batchmakers and other automation components," he said.

Pharma apart, it is also seeing demand for automation due to repair and refurbishing from across the sectors including power plants, industrial manufacturing units, waste water management and oil and gas plants. Emerson is working on automating the processes in ten power plants, he said.

With rise in demand, Emerson is increasing production capacities at its manufacturing plants at Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Baroda, which also account for some exports, he said adding that it would look to add more people at its three engineering centres at Pune, Noida, Chennai, which currently had 2,800 people working.

On the global scale, its process management net sales were affected to an extent in the oil and gas industry due to reduction in spending, which resulted due to decline in oil prices. The demand in India and other emerging markets offset a decline in markets like China. In Andhra, it is currently working on the Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station.



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