Automate UK: growth through automation


Automate UK: growth through automation

Wednesday, Mar 02, 2016

With innovations in robot safety and remote monitoring, through to collaborative equipment and predictive maintenance; AABTLN's flagship conference - Automate UK, provides the opportunity to hear how the world of intelligent industrial automation is evolving faster than ever before.

Intelligent automation is pushing back the boundaries of robotics, and connected factories are allowing complete transparency of product life cycles from anywhere in the world.

The automation equipment available today is capable of carrying out multiple tasks to accommodate the greater variability and smaller batch sizes demanded by the modern consumer and supply chains.

Held at the Crowne Plaza at Birmingham’s NEC, , the Automation Advisory Board Thought Leadership Network’s (AABTLN) annual conference, Automate UK, offers an insight into what technology is available to manufacturers now.

Offering a broad range of discussions delivered by the most innovative individuals and businesses in the automation space, speakers include BMW Mini’s product steering lead, Thom Bradford; Aston Martin’s maintenance group leader, Paul Crimmins; Barclay’s head of manufacturing, transport & logistics, Mike Rigby, and Lambert Engineering’s innovation manager, Mike Lewis.

Innovation manager, Lambert Engineering – Mike Lewis:

“Lambert’s vision is to be the world’s automatic choice for providing the value through innovation. We are essentially a service-provider who supplies machines.”

“Customers come to us as they want a competitive edge, through which they will grow their business.”

“How do we deliver value through innovation? We assess where value lies and identify how it could be realised. We don’t focus purely on productivity, we look at value – that is the important factor.”

“Throughout the world, there are countries with a clear technology strategy, encompassing Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, and that has enabled them to moving ahead of us. We need a similar strategy across UK industry to better compete on the global stage.”




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